Virtual Consultation

Looking to Prehab your movement system?

Has someone ever told you that you can never do something again that you love to do?

Are you afraid of hurting yourself with certain movements?

Have you been told you can’t deadlift or back squat? Or any other movement because it’s “bad for you”?

Are you unsure as to what exercises you should and shouldn’t perform based on your current limitations?

Do you want a Prehab program to help manage your activity to allow you to become the strongest version of yourself?

Look no further than our one-on-one Virtual Prehab and Movement Consultation


Virtual Consult Includes:

  • One 45-minute virtual consultation over Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Two 15-minute follow up consultation to ensure you are on the right track and answer any follow up questions you may have
  • Full Prehab Programming
  • Direct email access for LIFE regarding your program, we want to be lifetime resources for clients.  
  • Most importantly, education!

Over Skype, we will spend the first half of the session chatting with you to determine how as a team we can best meet your goals. This is the most important aspect of the consultation, where we can collaborate on:

  • Past training history
  • Previous injury history
  • What have you tried and what has worked and not worked
  • Current training program and activity levels
  • Goals

After discussing on all above-stated points we will create a specific program to work with your schedule and current routine to help you reach your goals!

We will do an in depth-evaluation of your movement to determine if you have any specific mobility or stability impairments. Next, we walk you through a specifically tailored prehab program built just for you. Programming is at the core of this consult and we will work with you to create a program that fits your schedule and needs. This program will not only include specific parameters for all the exercises but also video tutorials for your exercises if you need to refresh on your form at a later time.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How will you analyze my movement?

If appropriate, we may request a list of movements specific to your goals and concerns. We analyze these movements prior to your scheduled online consultation.

How long in between the initial Virtual Consultation and the follow-up?

This service is designed to satisfy your needs and wants. The first follow-up is typically conducted 1-4 weeks following your initial virtual assessment with the second follow-up 4-6 weeks after that. However, if you desire a different timeline we will accommodate your needs.

Can you provide rehab services to me if I am in pain?

If you are in pain and looking for rehab services, these online consults are only available to you if you live in California, USA. If you are not in pain and are just looking for a movement consultation, there are no limitations on where you reside. 

Additional Benefits:

You will receive 3 months FREE! of our PrehabX Membership, which includes access to our unique exercise library, monthly webinars reviewing our most recent content and education regarding various topics. You will also receive access to our private Facebook group, which will be a community for like-minded individuals to learn from one another and share education. We will also be taking content request strictly from our Facebook group.


If interested, please fill out the form below with the subject: Virtual Consultation. Thanks!