Loading Drill For Knee Flexion

Gaining back range of motion after any knee surgery is almost always a top priority. We're talking about any total knee replacement, ACL repair, patellar tendon repair, etc. While gaining range is important, gaining the confidence in your knee again to bend and go into those new ranges is often times difficult the achieve. Many times the patient has full range, and on isokinetic testing they have the adequate strength; however, they still don't have the confidence to bend their knee during drills and exercises. For those of you who have gone through any major knee surgery, you know what I mean by a loss of confidence in bending your knee! This is a little loading drill I picked up on my last rotation at Kaiser and is perfect for the patient fearful of loading their knee and progressing into plyometric type exercises. I love this exercise because it allows the patient to offload some of their body weight on the table. Furthermore, you can begin working on POWER in addition to getting the knee and brain used to being loaded. You should be putting as much weight as you can on the affected leg. . Tag a fellow clinician or patient who would benefit from this drill!
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