Kettlebell Pull Through With Progressions

Here is a slight modification of the kettlebell drag exercise Mike performed targeting endurance on one side of the body. Of course it is essential to perform this modified movement in both directions! Demonstrated in the video, Craig is performing the KB drag through to the left. Each time he goes to drag the KB through, his right serratus is working hard to stabilize the right scapula on the thorax. The โ€˜coreโ€™ muscles are also working hard to limit any trunk rotation to the right (left shoulder dropping towards the ground). Turn your sound on to hear some tips from Mike regarding the bottom video clip. โ€œThe key to upper extremity sports and performance and rehab is SCAPULAR STABILITY. For one week Mike didn't push, pull, snatch, clean a SINGLE WEIGHT, and instead focused on PROPER ACTIVATION of the scapular stabilizers i.e. the SERRATUS ANTERIOR and the TRAPS. First in isolation, and then in integration with the arm in DIAGONALS , and finally with the entire kinetic chain along either the ANTERIOR or POSTERIOR OBLIQUE SLING. You can say he was skeptical as first, but low and behold he hit PRs on benchpress and overhead press after that week straight of stability exercises.โ€ If this exercise is too challenging, check out some of our other scapular stability exercises!
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