How To Hex Bar Squat With Dumbbells

No hex bar? No problem! Hex bar (trap bar) deadlifts are very popular in both rehab and performance training programs for increasing power and strength, along with protecting the back. However, what about the clients or patients who want to continue performing this lift at their local gym? The trap bar is not the most common piece of equipment, but dumbbells are. Here is a modified version of trapbar deadlifts using dumbbells. It is essential to account for the difference in floor height from a dumbbell handle, compared to a trapbar handle. If you do not have the flexibility or mobility to safely pull a DB from the floor in good form, you should consider our modification. As you can see, utilizing platforms on both sides for the DBs can accommodate for floor height difference. There is a slight limitation to this setup, which forces you into a narrow stance. However, a narrow stance will promote hip abductor recruitment and decrease hip adductor recruitment due to length vs. tension relationships.
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