Barbell Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are a great way to work on the fundamental hip hinge pattern as well as an absolute glute killer! However, as @barbellrehab points out, they can also be used to facilitate a posterior pelvic tilt to help remedy the feeling of โ€œtightโ€ hamstrings! If you havenโ€™t added hip thrusts into your glute routine yet, get on it and get moving! The feeling of โ€œtightโ€ hamstrings seems to be a common problem in the worlds of physical therapy and athletic performance. How many people, however, continually stretch their hamstrings with little results? They still feel tight! Instead of endlessly stretching โ€œtightโ€ hamstrings, Iโ€™m more concerned with WHY they feel tight. When the hamstrings are โ€œtightโ€ they are often compensating for a problem elsewhere. Often, many people with poor anterior core control and weak glutes live in a position of excessive anterior pelvic tilt. This posture promotes the hamstrings as the prime hip extensors instead of the glutes and also puts a constant, low-load stretch on the hamstrings as well. When a muscle is overused, and on constant stretch, its natural reaction is to reflexively tighten! To remedy the situation, employ exercises the train the glutesโ€™ function to extend the hips and POSTERIORY tilt the pelvis. Enter the barbell hip thrust! By promoting a posterior pelvic tilt instead of lumbar hyperextension at end-range, this exercise represents a fantastic way to optimize pelvic positioning by promoting the glutes as the prime hip extensors and possibly reducing the feeling of โ€œtightโ€ hamstrings!
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