romanian deadlift RDL variations

Romanian Deadlift Variations

In the words of the glute guy @bretcontreras1 himself “deadlifting oozes strength and functionality. There’s something to bending over, grabbing a hold of heavy weight, and standing up with it that makes you feel like a primal powerhouse.” Deadlift variations are simply loaded hip hinge patterns, which is an essential movement pattern to master not only in the gym, but also in day to day function.
In particular The Romanian Deadlift, or RDL, is one of our favorite variations and we’ll be charing our top 5 favorite RDL variations for [P]Rehab and strength and conditioning goals alike.


landmine variations

Top 5 Best Exercise Utilizing the Landmine

The landmine has got to be one of the most underutilized, but highly effective pieces of equipment for adding a challenge and variation into your core movements (push, pull, hip hinge, etc). Even if you don’t have a landmine available, you can use a corner of your gym (please use towels so you don’t scuff up the walls). Here is a list of our top five favorite landmine uses.