5 Kettlebell Exercises to Increase Power

Why do some athletes jump higher, sprint faster, and cut quicker than others? It is because of Power! A common misconception is that training for strength by loading large amounts of weight directly increases athleticism; however the transfer to your athletic endeavors are not made by simply lifting heavy loads. Power=Work/Time, meaning there is a velocity or speed component when training for power. This article will demonstrate 5 exercises that you can perform with just a Kettlebell to increase your rate of force production and level up your Power!ย  […]

lunge variations

Lunge Variations

This 3-video post willย be covering the ever so popular LUNGE. We will cover:

โžก๏ธ Prehab considerations for multi-directional lunges
โžก๏ธ Lunges for power development
โžก๏ธ Our favorite lunge combo
If you donโ€™t already include some variation of a lunge into your lower body training, hopefully by the end of this articleย we will have convinced you to not only do so, but also gaveย you some creative ideas on variations that best suit your goals!