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The Shoulder Prehab Program is a Physical Therapist developed, step-by-step program to help you minimize pain and optimize shoulder function. It will teach you how to build a strong foundation for your shoulders to enhance your fitness performance and progress.

  • 16-week long program for optimal shoulder function
  • Appropriate for anyone no matter where you are at with your physical fitness
  • Simple and detailed step-by-step instruction videos
  • Prevent future shoulder injury and minimize existing pain and discomfort
  • Improve your stability and mobility to maximize your athletic performance
  • Increase your shoulder strength to achieve your fitness goals
  • Learn proper muscle activation to boost your gains and overall progress
  • Objective assessments to track your progress throughout the entire program
  • Private forum to interact with doctors and members

“How do I know it will work?”

The [P]Rehab Program is based on:

  • Shoulder exercises backed by scientific evidence
  • Years of combined Physical Therapists’ clinical experience
  • Success stories from thousands of real patients

[P]Rehab is more than trying to prevent injuries; it is about maximizing your potential.


Sidelying Horizontal Shoulder Abduction

Wall Walks

High Plank Thread The Needle

This Program Is A Game Changer

But don’t take our word for it…
hear it from our members!

Brion Austin Hilbert

"I have recently had some shoulder discomfort when lifting. I took time off, tried ice, massage, and anti-inflammation meds, nothing gave me anything more than temporary relief. I thought I had to just live with this ache when working out. I I went through the shoulder prehab program by the prehab guys which took me through many exercises. By the end of it I went back to my bodybuilding and hypertrophy style of training pain free! My favorite part was that towards the end I was performing exercises within the program that I had previously done at the gym making the transition smooth."

Kevin Hsu

"As a desk jockey, I spend much of my time in one position which I’m sure had led to my mid-back/shoulder stiffness. The shoulder prehab program really gave me better mind-body control with muscles around my shoulder and mid back. This program required minimal equipment which made it very easy to perform anywhere. This program gave me a database of exercise I can choose from whenever my discomfort comes on, more importantly I learned how to stay pro active with taking care of my body."

Corey Donohue

"After years of chronic pain after arthroscopic surgery on both shoulders, I was desperate to get back to an active lifestyle. I had tried all the standard recovery procedures and after countless hours of physical therapy and all that comes with it (co-pays, coordinating my schedule around their standard business hours, and the wasted time getting up to speed with each PT) I was fortunate to find The Prehab Guys shoulder program. From day one I was able to tailor my workout to the phase I felt comfortable with, while at the same time learn and understand why I was doing specific workouts - on my own time! As I progressed so did the workouts, and the ease of use made it a no brainer to keep going. After thousands in copays and countless hours away from work, I am finally on the road to recovery and continue to utilize all the information these guys have put together. I genuinely can’t thank them enough and look forward to the continued progression utilizing both the app and prehab community."

Tom Dillon

"The Prehab Guys Shoulder Program is the perfect method for strengthening your shoulders. As a rock climber and motocross rider, I know the importance of strong shoulders--Without them, it's easy to get injured. In the past, I have suffered from conditions like chronic bursitis due to weak shoulders. With help from the Prehab Guys, I am now stronger than ever. The beginning of the program focuses on relief of shoulder pain, while the rest focuses on strength and stability. This makes for a perfectly balanced program that can be repeated as needed. The exercises each come with a short video that contains easy-to-follow instructions on form and technique. I highly recommend the Prehab Guys Shoulder Program for anyone who wants an instructional, straightforward, and effective solution for their shoulders for life."

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  • Commit to the 16-week shoulder [P]Rehab plan
  • Start improving your shoulder health today!


The complete program for optimal shoulder function


  • 16-week workout plan with 4 progressive 4-week phases targeting unique goals
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise videos
  • More than 100+ variations of different exercises
  • Multiple objective assessments to track your progress throughout the entire program
  • Private community forum to chat with us directly


  • “Get Out of Pain” 1-Week Program
    with a simple routine to deal with shoulder discomfort
  • Exclusive Discounts
    on recommended equipment to optimize your success

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is appropriate for the Shoulder Prehab Program

The Shoulder [P]Rehab program is for anyone looking to bulletproof their shoulders for life! Whether you’re an average Joe, fit Fiona, weekend warrior, athlete, or superhero parent, you can benefit from this program. We make it easy and teach you how to strengthen your shoulders and keep them healthy for anything life throws at you.

Why should you buy it?

Over the past few years as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen a plethora of patients and clients with shoulder aches and pains. Using the latest evidence-based research and our clinical experience, we have pioneered a very safe and effective [P]Rehab program that can take you from rehabbing old aches and pains all the way to maximizing your athletic performance on the field or in the gym.

If I have pain, is this program still right for me?

We designed an optional “Phase 0” rehab program with very gentle and light exercises to build up your shoulder foundation before more intense shoulder exercises. Furthermore, we’ve built in regressions and alternatives to every single exercise in our program. We recommend anyone with shoulder pain and/or discomfort to start with the optional phase 0 rehab program after getting clearance to exercise from their doctor.

Will this program help me blow through plateaus and hit new PRs?

Yes! We will teach you the fundamentals to proper shoulder activation and stability, which will carry over into all of your main lifts or athletic endeavors like pressing, pitching, serving, swinging, you name it! A house is only as strong as the foundation it is built on, and the same goes for your shoulders! Far too often we neglect the shoulder blade and small rotator cuff muscles in our workouts. That is where we come in with our knowledge and expertise to share with you exactly how to safely build a strong foundation for your shoulders!

What does the program entail?

This program includes detailed exercise videos with verbal and written instructions for 100+ variations of different exercises. This program also offers resources regarding how to navigate and maximize the program, two different assessments to track your progress if you want, and a community feel with a discussion board to interact with us and other members that have joined the program. Each exercise gives you details regarding how to perform it, where you should be feeling it, and common compensations to avoid. The key to maximizing your results is to optimize exercise dosing. This program will take you through what we believe is a perfect progression of shoulder and core exercises that focus on mobility, muscle activation, stability, and strengthening of your entire shoulder girdle. The program will educate you along the way so that you will have the tools to take care of your shoulders for life!

How long is the program?

This program is 16 weeks from beginning to end. It is broken down into 4 different phases, each being 4-weeks long with different goals building upon one another. We have an optional “Get out of pain” routine for a week, which we have made optional for those dealing with shoulder discomfort. Each session was carefully crafted to take 15-20 minutes and to be performed 3-4 days/week.

What equipment do I need?

We designed this program specifically in mind for you to do at home with minimal equipment. But it can easily be done at a gym too before or after your normal workouts! Within the app itself we have a list of recommended equipment including exclusive discounts only for Shoulder [P]Rehab Program members.

Besides exercises what else does this app include?

We have a Getting Started PDF, which helps to on board you with the entire program and it’s features. We also have resource videos that include do you need mobility, knowing when to move forward or take a step back in the program and understanding shoulder pain vs. muscle soreness. We also offer two different assessments that you can take before you start the program and after each phase of the program to track your progress. There is an open discussion group within the app that will allow for members to speak with each other or ask their questions to directly us. Exclusive discounts on equipment that we highly recommend to maximize your Shoulder [P]Rehab Program gains

What payment options do I have?

We have created two easy payment options. You can either purchase the entire program upfront for $99. The one time purchase will give you access to the entire 16-week program at once as long as you do not cancel/delete your member profile. You can also pay for the program at a monthly rate (4 monthly payments at $30) for a total of $120. The monthly program will give you access to the optional phase 0 and phase 1 immediately upon purchase followed by phase 2 the next month and so on. You will be charged immediately when you sign up and then on a monthly basis for only a total of 4 months as long as you maintain your membership. You will always retain your membership if you bought the full access program. You can cancel the monthly subscription option anytime, however if you cancel you will lose access to the program after the next billing cycle would be due. You will see on your dashboard how long you have access to the program if you have canceled.

How do I start the program after purchasing?

Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can used on your phone via our Prehab App, computer, iPad – you name it!

Is there a sample program I can check out?

Yes! We created a sample week within phase 2 of the program so that you can get the experience of the program and how the app works. Get signed up and try it for free by clicking the photo and/or link at the bottom of this page.

When can I use this app?

Now! The current problem with traditional healthcare is we are not able to provide the care people like you need – when they need it. Timing is everything! This app delivers that care directly to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world. Once purchased, you are given our guide to bulletproofing your shoulders for life!

Why am I getting a Sign Up Error?

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We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of your membership experience!