Make the greatest investment in your golf game by taking care of your body! Elevate your golf performance and enjoy the game you love without limitations.
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“You Can’t Practice Your Golf Game If Your Body Is Holding You Back”

The Golf [P]Rehab Program is a physical therapist developed, step-by-step program designed for golfers who want to elevate their golf fitness and performance! We have 4 phases of programming designed to improve your mobility, core stability, strength, and speed where you need it most to improve your golf game! Improving these qualities will make you a better golfer and help to minimize common golf injuries. Not only is our program packed with golf-specific exercises, but we included a ton of assessments and education so that you can focus on what your body needs the most to play golf your entire life without limitations!


Split Stance Lunge Turns - Band

Where to begin the golf program

Lateral Bound To Medball Throw




Greg M

“Prehab has revolutionized my fitness and I’m playing some of the best golf of my life. At 47 years old, I feel like a kid again. Thanks prehab guys!"

Hisham H

"I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to take their game up another level. I had noticed a trend of poor scoring towards the end of the round primarily due to lack of fitness. Since using this program, my rounds no longer pewter out. Instead, I am finishing them stronger than I have before! Can’t thank the team enough!"

Invest in the most valuable piece of golf equipment, your body!

Improve your golf game by improving your golf fitness with [P]Rehab! Whether it be practicing your short game, hitting the range, or getting out on the links, you want to make sure your body has the physical prerequisites for golf. You ought to invest in your body and make sure that you can move well in the right places to swing the club as well as ensure you’re fit enough to tolerate practicing and playing as much as you want without injuring yourself. Our program is designed to make you physically and mentally golf-fit so that you can enjoy the game you love and focus on shooting lower scores vs. worrying about hurting yourself.


$ 149
  • 16-weeks of progressive workouts
  • 100+ exercises
  • Golf-Specific Assessments & Resources
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise and education videos
  • Lifetime Access to the app and exercises


This program is designed for golfers of all skill levels who want to elevate their golf fitness and extend the longevity of their playing career, whether it be just for fun or serious competition. We have 4 phases of programming designed to address any mobility or stability deficits, protect your body from common golf injuries, and get you stronger in the right places so that you can perform better! The game of golf has physical prerequisites that cannot be ignored, our program focuses on establishing these fundamentals! As long as you have some level of fitness and enjoy golf, you’ll be appropriate for this program!

If you want to take the guesswork out of what you should be doing for your body so that you can play the sport you love and make sure you’re protected from common golf injuries, this program is well worth the investment!

We are going to take a more conservative approach and suggest this program will be more appropriate once you have been cleared for golf activities without limitations by your surgeon/physical therapist. As you may know, there can be post-op precautions and restrictions that may not make you appropriate yet for this program. It will be good to follow up with your surgeon and your physical therapist to learn these precautions and the timeline for them as there may be nuances and other details that are specific to your surgery and your scenario. We’d recommend one of our specific body region programs prior to this program if you’re coming off of an injury/surgery. Do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you’re still concerned.

We’d recommend checking out our body region programs prior to our golf program to address your issue first. For instance if it is a low back issue, check out our low back program first!

Yes it is! We’d just recommend not skipping phase 1 as this will help jumpstart your training experience.

We do have a discussion board designed to share success stories, communicate with other members of the community, and get app support if and when needed. However, we cannot and will not provide medical advice on the discussion board. We have created educational videos, resource videos, and training support videos that are designed to answer the most common FAQ – we recommend checking these videos as they will likely answer your question!

We have developed our programs with a minimalist approach in efforts to accomplish the [P]Rehab mission. Our goal is to teach people how to take control of their own health by providing the right information at the right time regardless of physical location or access to physical resources. With that being said, at some point, the body does benefit from equipment such as bands or weighted objects to provide external resistance and soft tissue tools or other props to facilitate desired physiologic responses. In the golf program you’ll benefit from upper body and lower body resistance bands, weights, a med ball or a towel, a lacrosse/tennis ball or something similar, and of course a golf club! Within the app itself, we have a list of recommended equipment including exclusive discounts only for [P]Rehab Program members.

You can purchase for $149. You will always retain full access upon purchase.

Immediately after purchasing you will receive an email showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can be accessed on your phone via our Prehab App, computer, or iPad!

You could! It just depends on the program you have in mind, let us know what you’re thinking by connecting with us via

During check out, please use the exact same email address that your other programs are registered with. If you happen to check out with a different email – don’t worry! Shoot us an email and we can link up your accounts 🙂

Now! The current problem with traditional healthcare and fitness is we are not able to provide the care people like you need – when they need it. Timing is everything! This app delivers that care directly to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world.


We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of your membership experience!