Don’t let your Achilles heel limit your true physical potential!


The Achilles [P]Rehab Program is the ultimate resource for those looking to strengthen and protect their Achilles tendon. No matter your fitness level or equipment restrictions, we have a carefully thought out plan developed for you! We are excited that you’re taking the important step of improving your Achilles tendon health. Ask any active individual that has dealt with Achilles issues in the past, NOW is the best time to prepare your Achilles and make it strong and robust!








Nick S

Nick S

"I first got to use the Prehab Guys platform through some PT work I did earlier this year. When I started hitting the trails again post lockdown and some mild pain and stiffness showed up in my left Achilles, I knew I had to fix the issue before some more serious problems came up. Looking to save some money vs traditional PT while still seeking for a robust PT regimen, I signed up for the Prehab Guys' Achilles program. The program is gradual. You start slow but ramp up over the weeks. I opted to load most of the exercises with dumbbells to create more tension (if no dumbbells, a loaded backpack, bag of rice, etc, works just as well). The videos and instructions are clear and informative, and the support team is always available. While the program is 12-week long (7 day a week), I stretched it out due to my schedule. I have now completed Phases I and II and I am glad to report my Achilles is pain free. The Prehab Guys have allowed me to up my mileage and tackle more technical courses over the weeks. My Achilles still felt strong after my last 17 miler with 3000+ ft elevation. I'll certainly look to explore more of the programs to tackle other issues. I would definitely recommend the Prehab Guys for anyone who is looking for serious but economical PT or prehab work"

Roy N

Roy N.

"As I have been running a bit more than usual, my achilles tendon has troubled me. At first I was hesitant to try out an online program, however this program was very easy to follow and required almost no equipment. More importantly, this program really helped build my calves and achilles tendon to the point where I feel like I am even stronger than before my injury!"


Steve M.

"My Achilles tendon has been painful recently. It seems largely due to overusing my legs. At first I thought rest would be best to allow for everything to heal, rest didn’t seem to be the answer for me as the issue remained. This program helped walk me through an entire protocol that took me from zero to hero again. I feel great and would recommend this to anyone with achilles issues."

Kian Y.

Kian Y.

"I have had a history of ankle and achilles tendon issues while playing sports. I never properly rehabbed my ankles and achilles through all the years of basketball I have played. Over time I felt less confident with high intensity exercises, let alone playing competitive sports. The education + exercises prepared me for a very smooth transition to back basketball. I loved the ability to perform this at my house with minimal equipment. Thanks for the great program!"


With a lot of active people having to turn to equipment-free exercises and high-intensity exercise routines like running and HIIT training during these unprecedented times, a lot of Achilles tendons are potentially being exposed and overworked. The last thing you need is your Achilles holding you back from being active and staying in shape. We have created the ultimate resource for you to get back to doing the things you love to do!


$ 149
  • 12-weeks of progressive workouts with 3 phases
  • 70+ lower body and core strengthening exercises
  • Achilles Education Resources
  • Detailed step-by-step exercise and education videos
  • Lifetime access to the app and exercises


This program is for anyone looking to truly [P]Rehab their Achilles tendon. Whether you’ve dealt with Achilles issues in the past, are dealing with limitations now, or you just want to protect yourself for upcoming sports/activities, this program is for you! This program is appropriate for anyone regardless of current fitness level and will build you from the ground up to tolerate high-intensity and high-energy activities.
If you want to take the guesswork out of protecting your Achilles, learn the secrets to the best methods to strengthen tendons, and educate yourself on everything you need to know about the Achilles tendon, this program is well worth your investment! Name any sport or high-intensity movement that involves the lower body, and you can 100% bet your Achilles tendon is working to some degree! With that being said, you want to protect this valuable asset as most physically active individuals end up dealing with Achilles issues at some point in their life. Tendon issues can be very tricky and we want to help!
We are going to take a more conservative approach and suggest this program will be more appropriate once you are closer to three months post-op AND you have been cleared for regular exercise by your surgeon/physical therapist. As you may know, there are post-op precautions and restrictions in regards to movements, your range of motion, weight lifted, and activities of daily living. It will be good to follow up with your surgeon and your physical therapist to learn these precautions and the timeline for them as there may be nuances and other details that are specific to your surgery and your scenario. It is essential you’re cleared to tolerate impact exercises prior to starting this program. Do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you’re still concerned
We are going to take a more conservative approach and suggest that you have been cleared to exercise by your surgeon/physical therapist. All injuries are not the same, and it will be good to follow up with your surgeon and your physical therapist to learn if you have any movement or exercise precautions. It may be more worthwhile for you to invest in our Foot & Ankle [P]Rehab Program and stick to phase 1. Do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you’re still concerned.
Yes! The calves are what create tension on the achilles tendon. You can’t load one without loading the other. If you are looking to build up your calves, have had a previous history of calf strains, or looking to reduce risk of future calf injuries this is the program for you.
Yes! If you’re concerned we recommend starting with phase 1. In this phase, you will go through easier exercises and movements that we use with Achilles patients/clients in the clinic to build the foundational work capacity necessary to tolerate the higher-level exercises and movements to come. Then you will continue through carefully designed programming to increase your strength and ultimately training experience!
We do have a discussion board designed to share success stories, communicate with other members of the community, and get app support if and when needed. However, we cannot and will not provide medical advice on the discussion board. We have created educational videos, resource videos, and training support videos that are designed to answer the most common FAQ – we recommend checking these videos as they will likely answer your question!
We designed most of our workouts specifically in mind for you to do at home with minimal equipment. We recommend a foam pad, foam roller, and lower body resistance bands. Within the app itself, we have an equipment tab for anything that is shown or used in the program. You can reach out to us to learn more if you’re concerned.
You can purchase with one easy payment today and you will have access for life!
Immediately after purchasing you will receive an e-mail showcasing you how to sign in and get started right away! After signing in, go to the group and watch the welcome video we have put together. This program can be accessed on your phone via our Prehab App, computer, or iPad!

Great question! There is definitely some overlap between the programs, especially in later phases but we will highlight the main differences below to help you choose the best program for you.


Foot & Ankle Program [P]Rehab Program: 3-phase, 12-week program with the most comprehensive approach to the foot & ankle region. Phase 1 is designed to help you get out of generalized foot and ankle pain. The next 2 phases progress to preventive and performance measures. This program does have some ankle dorsiflexion mobility and Achilles strengthening in it, however, the focus in this program favors developing foot motor control and holistic foot /ankle balance and strength. If you’re not exactly sure what you’re dealing with, but if you know it’s your foot & ankle involved, this is the best program to choose.


Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobility Overhaul [P]Rehab Program: 1 phase, 6-week program specifically focused on improving ankle dorsiflexion mobility. This is achieved through dynamic stretching and tissue mobilization for short-term gains and locking in those gains for the long term with some stabilization and strengthening exercises!


Achilles [P]Rehab Program: 3-phase, 12-week program dedicated to managing Achilles tendon issues and improving the health and strength of the tendon. We recommend this program if you’re absolutely sure it is an Achilles issue as it features programming similar to how we rehab Achilles issues in-person. This program is also beneficial for those that deal with repetitive calf strain issues or plantar fasciitis.


Lateral Ankle Sprain [P]Rehab Program: 4-phase, 16-week program is very specific to lateral ankle sprain injuries either initial or chronic. The educational resources, as well as the exercise programming progressions, are much more specific to ankle sprains. If you have not had an ankle sprain then we recommend the Foot & Ankle program. 


Hope this helps to clear it up a bit, please let us know if you have any further questions!

It depends! Yes, you’re physically able to have multiple programs going on our app that you have purchased. However, it depends on which ones you have in mind as well as what you’re doing training-wise outside of our products. It is totally feasible to run one of our lower body and upper body programs (Foot & Ankle and Shoulder Programs). However, for example, it may be excessive to try and run two of our lower body programs at the same time (we don’t recommend this) as you may be doing two-a-days or working out every single day. We have had success stories with people running multiple programs at the same time, it just depends on what works for you! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us to chat more.
In order to make sure you can access ALL of the products you have purchased under the same username – on the ‘Sign Up’ page DO NOT sign up again. What you want to do is click on ‘Log in to your account’ below the red ‘Sign Up’ box – then enter your credentials, then go ahead and purchase the product. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS STEP – you will get a failed payment or error message when you try to sign up or purchase OR you will end up with two separate accounts and you won’t have access to all of your products purchased on the same account. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.
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Now! The current dilemma is when people have issues with their body – they’re not able to get the correct help when they need it most, timing is everything! This app is readily available to your fingertips on your mobile or desktop devices – anywhere in the world.


We are so confident that our program will rock your world that we will offer you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right—we are so confident our product is amazing that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every single aspect of your [P]Rehab Program experience!