The Yoak


The next generation fitness stability trainer with old school charm.

The Yoakโ„ข adds three-dimensional instability to your favorite bar, squat, or suspension movements.

Whether youโ€™re on the road to recovery or a high calibre athlete, the Yoakโ„ข will give you endless challenge and perspective. Are you ready for it?


The next generation fitness trainer with old school charm. Stability training with the Yoakโ„ข gives you endless challenge and perspective. Are you ready for it?

Our flagship model and the go-to for both home and commercial use is now available in both “Natural Birch” and “Walnut” finishes*. The aesthetic of the wood in combination with aluminum provide the full range of functionality in one beautiful package.

  • Just over 5.5 lbs
  • Max 400lb squat/yoke capacity
  • Max 250lb dynamic suspension capacity
  • User guideย (1.3 MB pdf)
  • Manufacturerโ€™s disclaimer
  • *Notice – “Burnt Walnut” finish may vary slightly by batch

With 4 different modes, the Yoakโ„ข brings unlimited possibilities to your workout routines:


Training with the Yoak in Squat/Yoke mode

Squat, yoke-walk, or lunge with just about anything, and do it just about anywhere.


Training with the Yoak in Suspension mode

Suspend for a full range of pull-up options, or connect a pair of rings for the ultimate suspension dips, rows, and push-ups.


Multiple hand positions enable both internal and external rotation, while the curve adds a balancing dimension.

Training with the Yoak in Bar mode


Change the dowel position and add asymmetry to your floor work or use them as traditional Parallettes.

Training with the Yoak in Parallettes mode


Starter Package

Perfect for those looking to trainย with simpleย suspensions, without weights, or with their own gear.

  • 1x Original Composite Yoakโ„ข
  • 1x 12โ€™ Cam strap for suspension mode
  • 1x User guide
  • 1x Exercise poster

Squat/Yoke Package

On top of suspension, with this package you can attach weights and squat or yoke-walk almost anything, anywhere.

  • ALL Starter Package Contents
  • 2x 48โ€ Industrial slings (for load attachment and handle suspension)
  • 2x Climbing carabiners

Totalย Package

Complete with everything you’ll need to train with the Yoakโ„ข in suspension, bar, and squat/yoke modes.

  • ALL Squat/Yoke Package Contents
  • 1x 24โ€ Industrial sling for mode transition
  • 2x 8โ€ Dowel handles with 7mm static climbing cordellette
  • 1x Extra climbing carabiners (3 total)


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