Running On Resistance eBook


This Is NOT Your Typical Digital Book

Here Is What You Get!

  • Fifteen unique chapters (144 pages!) related to exercise prescription, programming, and building relationships with runners
  • Access to 75+ high-resolution videos that walk viewers through each exercise so nothing is lost in translation
  • In-depth explanations regarding the rationale, implementation, and specific learning objectives to ensure proper execution of each exercise
  • Three sample programs to give readers a window into how resistance training can interface with endurance training

This is the ultimate guide for athletes and practitioners who are looking to enhance their understanding of exercise prescription and strength training for runners.

Running has a specific and predictable set of performance demands. Aside from its repetitive nature, running is a midrange, low-level plyometric activity that involves bounding from one leg to the next in a balanced manner. It also forms the basis of many team sports. Despite the seemingly innocuous nature of running, a relatively high incidence of running-related injuries (RRIs) has been documented in the literature. Research suggests that upwards of 80% of runners are likely to sustain an RRI over the course of a year that sidelines them from consistent training. While it’s impossible to prevent RRIs, specific measures likely exist that can safeguard against injury and lend to consistent training and improved performance. By taking the time to demystify the unique performance demands of running, coupled with sound decision making and sensible programming, we believe that runners can be better positioned to enjoy a life of healthy training and racing.

This guide aims to share several exercises and associated variations while providing a window into how we approach programming resistance training (RT) for runners and triathletes. We specifically delve into exercise selection and prescription from a rationale and programming standpoint in addition to cueing considerations. To accomplish this, we’ve drawn from the best available medical and performance related literature, communication with experts in the eld, and our combined experience as physical therapists, endurance athletes, and coaches, who have worked with athletes of all ages and abilities across the injury to performance spectrum. We hope that this affords you an invaluable resource in your endurance pursuits. Onward!

About The Author: Christopher Johnson, PT

My philosophy has been shaped by my background as a clinician, researcher, and performance coach in addition to my experiences as a lifelong, multi-sport athlete. During the early part of my athletic career, I sustained various injuries and underwent a handful of surgeries, which ultimately stemmed from poor load management. Consequently, I found myself in physical therapy on numerous occasions. Thankfully, I fell under the care of skilled and caring clinicians. After completing the rehab process, I consistently returned to sport at a higher level relative to my pre-injury status, while feeling mentally stronger. My approach to physical therapy and performance coaching is grounded in working with every client on an individualized basis. I work tirelessly to anticipate and address the needs of my clients while providing evidence grounded solutions. Through effective communication, empathy, accountability, and creating the ideal ecosystem, most folks are able to rebound from injury and overcome pain to reclaim their quality of life and athletic prowess.


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