INCREASE Your Back Squat Strength
IDENTIFY & Improve Weak Links
ENHANCE Your Athletic Performance

Learn how to master the barbell back squat!

The Master The Back Squat [P]Rehab Program is designed to improve your barbell back squat performance! This is a great program for the average gym-goer and fitness enthusiast who is looking for a simple resource to enhance their back squat capacity. We have covered the basic back squat variations and mixed in various parameters to specifically improve your barbell back squat. If you are looking to get more comfortable with the bodyweight squat โ€“ we suggest you check out ourย Squat Fundamentals [P]Rehab Program. We have coupled barbell back squat programming with what we believe to be the most optimal full-body accessory strength and stability exercises, which can help to identify and improve any weak links in your body that could hinder your back squat performance!


20-40 Minutes


Gym Equipment

Your Goal



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