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Do you ever feel like you don’t know what exerises to do at the gym? Or not sure if you’re doing them the right way?

We feel you and understand the trouble.

We wanted to create a movement library with thousands of videos featuring the most cutting-edge prehab, rehab, and performance techniques at your disposal.

Not only do we show you how to move the right way, we educate you on why it’s important so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

We took it upon ourselves to create the ultimate solution for everyone โ€“ the PrehabX Exercise Library

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Shayan Khosravani

"I had two knee surgeries. Torn both acl ann mensicus. And after the surgeries i faced lotta muscle imbalances. I started seeing your videos on instagram and they helped me get rid of the issues I had. Now I use em to help my friends who are facing the same issue. Also I compete in menโ€™s physique and i get really tight due to heavy trainings and your stretch videos helps me and alsoooo i learn new ways to activate and target muscle from different approach. "

Dave Mallory

"Why I like prehabx is because it provides excellent specific advice that helped me with me stay active prior to surgery. However, the wide spectrum of exercises this database included allow me to progress post surgically back to my daily routine in the gym. I still use the playlist function to create my gym programs, it helps me stay consistent with my workouts!"

Louise Can

"I am a professional firefighter for almost 30 years. Several years ago, I injured my back and I went from a strong, fit 50 year old, to being reduced to reevaluate my life, as my back injury continually reoccurred every time I stepped up my training. I had tried the work physio (supposed to be rehab) yoga, exercise, a special back gym called Keiser, with little success. One of my colleagues suggested Physio-led Pilates. It has turned me around physically, but still had many relapses. My interest in this area led me to your facebook page and my training has really taken off. The clear instructions on how to do the exercises, and the demonstrations, not to mention the clear explanations as to WHY, has me now training nearly at full capacity, but with a much better understanding of how it all goes together. Your website is a valuable resource that I wouldnโ€™t be without now. Thanks for helping give me my life back - Iโ€™m not kidding."

Ryan Stuhr

"As a physical therapy student, PrehabX has benefitted me by providing me with an extensive exercise library that goes beyond the conventional therapeutic exercise information taught in school. The detailed explanations along with each exercise video ensure that I am targeting the right muscle groups and teaching the exercises correctly to my patients. The live webinars provided by the site are another benefit to me, as it exposes me to new content and ideas that will help better prepare me for a career in physical therapy. I would not hesitate to recommend PrehabX to my fellow students, as I believe it is a valuable resource for any aspiring physical therapist to expand their knowledge of exercise to better serve their patients."

Mahshar Zargar

โ€œI loved using all the instructional videos! They are so informative and educational. I was able to implement all these techniques with my patients as a Certified Athletic Trainer. โ€

Lauren Feder

"I love the prehab guys! The videos are very easy to follow along. It made what could have been a very tough ACL recovery manageable and fun. I love that I can do the exercises anywhere. I feel stronger than ever thanks to them."

Craig Nowell

"I tore my ACL playing soccer only to find my wife, kids and career were not prepared for my recovery ๐Ÿ™‚ I had to find ways to fit my recovery into my already packed schedule. Professional, in person PT definitely helped but I found that I was unsure of my form while at home. Once introduced to the prehabguys I found the confidence and inspiration to fit my much needed rehab neatly into a my hectic home life."

Lizl Kotz

"I enjoy being a prehab x- member because Iโ€™m a huge believer in catching those injuries before they happen. I really appreciate that the Prehab guys exercise library has a lot of ideas that are concise. The image below illustrates one of your exercises working the posterior chain"


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Shoulder High Row To 90/90 ER

Quad Sets

Resisted Bird Dog

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