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Learn what it means to Prehab your full body. Go through one of our most effective drills & start setting up the 4 foundational pillars of long term fitness: Mobility, Strength, Power, and Neuro-Muscular Control.
[P]ROTECT your body from injury
INCREASE Range of Motion, Stability, and Power
DECREASE injuries and pain
MAXIMIZE Performance & Improve Strength
LEARN the best exercises for longevity.

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This Prehab Guide is based on:

Full Body
backed by scientific evidence

Years of combined
Physical Therapists’ clinical experience

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Dead Bug - Anti-rotation, Band

Supine Serratus Scoop - Band

Single Leg RDL - Shortfoot, Band



Roham Naderi

Roham N.
Fitness Enthusiast
Laguna Niguel

“My journey with prehab began with the low back program, which massively helped my nagging low back pain. I was impressed with how much it not only helped me out of back pain, rather how much my overall health improved. Since feeling better, I figured I might as well build up my entire body through Prehab principles. Prehab Fitness has exposed my weak points and I truly feel like I am building up my body from the ground up. It is amazing to feel and see the difference between having this program in comparison to my normal gym routine. Thank you for such an amazing comprehensive program!”

Arthur S

Arthur S.
Fitness enthusiast
Los Angeles

“Ankylosing spondylitis sucks. The best medicine? PREHAB. Breaking a leg sucks. Medicine? PREHAB. If only I had access to them all the time. Oh wait, I do on their app! Their programs have been a lifesaver for me, couldn’t recommend their stuff enough.”

Madi M

Madi M.
Fitness enthusiast

“It is hard to find trusted fitness sources that don’t leave me injured afterward. I wanted a program that focuses on injury prevention while working on my strength and found this through prehab fitness!”

Sofia S

Sofia S.
Fitness enthusiast

“With my many knee issues, it is hard for me to feel confident working out without worrying about my knee hurting. Through these prehab fitness programs, I have been able to work out and actually feel great after! My knee has not felt this good in a very long time and I am thankful for that.”

Gabe G

Gabe G.
Fitness enthusiast OR Actor
Los Angeles

“The Prehab team got me back to normal in no time after I had shoulder surgery. The programs are tailor made and cover the entire spectrum, I was able to rehab my shoulder and get back into fitness training. The team is professional and attentive! Can’t recommend Prehab enough!”

Berge B

Berge B.
Fitness enthusiast
Los Angeles

“PREHAB has been instrumental in helping me get back to hiking/backpacking after a couple of major injuries. Thank You, PREHAB!”

Roham Naderi

Chad W.
Fitness enthusiast
Los Angeles

"Prehab brought me back to myself. I cycled through four other physical therapy providers before I got lucky enough to find them after my injury. Prehab has worked to restore my confidence and capabilities through dynamic, adaptive, and fun routines that keep me engaged. I am lucky to have found this exceptional group of driven, genuine, and authentic professionals. Thank you Prehab guys!”

Roham Naderi

Lishan Z.
Fitness enthusiast or ACL Rehabber

“I tore my acl a year ago, and it’s been a physical and emotional roller coaster to return to skiing. After finishing rehab with my physical therapist, I wanted to continue strenghtening my body and prevent future injuries. This program’s been awesome for challenging myself and I highly recommend it for anyone returning to sports after injury!“

Alex K

Alex K.

“I was able to learn that I am BAD at a lot of core and fundamental movements. The Prehab guys program helped me identify and then provide a progressive way to address and strengthen those weak areas. I would greatly recommend this program to others based on its simplicity to follow, the opportunity to learn, and focused progressive strengthening. My favorite part is the confidence it instills when you know you’re doing the right things. It’s easy to be consistent when it feels good when you’re doing it.“

Jessica K

Jessica K.

“Though I’ve been lucky enough to never have been seriously injured from physical activity, I use the Prehab programs as a resource for working out. I trust them to help me prevent injury and learn to move in the most effective and safe way for my body. Prehab is way more than just for rehabilitation from injury - I can’t recommend them enough to anyone who stays active!”

Telise C

Telise C.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Toronto, Canada

“This program is FANTASTIC! Not only does it incorporate a flawless balance between mobility and stability exercises, it hones in on and develops foundational skills that I didn’t even know I needed to fine-tune. It’s also self-directed which encouraged me to be my own source of motivation, and allowed me to plan around my other daily commitments! The innovation shown in each workout has really enhanced my creative mind in a way that will allow me to develop more specific and adaptable plans for my own patients, which I couldn’t be more excited about! Thank you PREHAB team!!“


[P]Rehab is an educational platform that teaches people how to take control of their own health through online physical therapy.

Each clinical member of our team holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and a Certification in Strength and Conditioning. 

We also have a vast professional background with extensive experience and specialized training in the fields of movement science, pain science, biomechanics, injury and surgery rehabilitation, prehabilitation, and athletic performance.

Be the change you want to see they say, which is exactly what we are doing with [P]Rehab — taking matters in our own hands. Actually, we are putting them where they really belong: YOUR hands.