Cervicothoracic Junction Manipulation For Treating Shoulder Pain

Did you know that treating the cervical and thoracic spine regions can help alleviate your shoulder pain?

It’s well documented within the literature that treating areas AWAY FROM THE REGION OF PAIN can indeed help alleviate symptoms in that area – ie REGIONAL INTERDEPENDENCE.

“Regional interdependence is the concept that seemingly unrelated impairments in a remote anatomical region may contribute to, or be associated with, the patient’s primary complaint.”

So make sure your Physical Therapist is evaluating NOT JUST YOUR SHOULDER, BUT YOUR WHOLE BODY!!

Cervicothoracic Junction Manipulation

For this “Science Saturday”, we highlight a recent randomized control trial in JOSPT that looked at cervicothoracic junction ROM specific exercises plus exercise vs cervicothoracic junction manipulation plus exercise. BOTH GROUPS significantly improved in terms of pain (NPRS) and shoulder function (SPADI and QuickDASH). However, patient’s perceived outcomes of success (GROC and PASS) significantly favored the cervicothoracic junction manipulation. 


Citation: Mintken et al 2016. “Cervicothoracic Junction Manual Therapy plus Exercise Therapy Versus Exercise Therapy Alone in the Management of Individuals with Shoulder Pain: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial”. JOSPT. (article here)

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