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Front rack mobility

Improve Your Front Rack Mobility

We will be addressing 3 COMMONLY OVERLOOKED MOBILITY CONSTRAINTS to a successful front rack position and more importantly, 3 WAYS TO FIX THEM. Yes, thoracic extension and shoulder flexion limitations are often times the biggest culprits, but let’s not forgot to address wrist, elbow, and transverse plane shoulder mobility as well.


carpal tunnel

Do You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and How to Manage It Yourself

Recently you’ve begun to feel numbness, tingling, and occasional burning pain in your hand, and your co-worker proclaims, “Oh no, you have carpal tunnel syndrome!” If that indeed is true, don’t feel like you’ve been struck with a bit of bad luck, as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an extremely common entrapment neuropathy. A study by the University of Manchester estimates that CTS effects 1% to 3% of the general population. A nerve, called the median nerve, runs from your neck (nerve roots C6-T1) throughout your arm and all the way down into your hand.