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The All Gains No Pain Series is the ultimate guide to help you train smarter while reducing your risk of injury. You will learn just how amazingly capable and adaptable your body is while making sure you are treating it the right way in your training. We make it easy for you by providing daily emails discussing common fitness mistakes in addition to providing solutions

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Mistakes are bound to happen because we are all human and perfection does not exist!

But maybe, just maybe, we can avoid some common training mistakes by decreasing all of the confusion that exists!!!

The goal is lifelong movement and exercise which occurs when objectives are clear. If you are not sure if a particular exercise is safe, how to do the movement “properly”, or what the purpose of your training is, how can anyone expect you to take part in it long term? We also pose the question…

Is your training stuck in a flat earth concept?!?

What you once thought you knew becomes updated after being presented with newer compelling evidence dispelling the previous held belief! As research, technology, and methodologies have improved some of those old coaching cues, “flat earth” concepts, need to be updated.

We need to get rid of some of the downright terrible coaching cues that lead to mistakes and replace them with truth!

Does flexibility matter?

Is the bench press an overused movement?

Should you Avoid deadlifts?

How important is squat depth?

Should you be utilizing bands with your exercise routine?

Is Knee Valgus concerning?

Should you only be focusing on training the physical self?


[P]Rehab is an educational platform that teaches people how to take control of their own health through online physical therapy.

Each clinical member of our team holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and a Certification in Strength and Conditioning. 

We also have a vast professional background with extensive experience and specialized training in the fields of movement science, pain science, biomechanics, injury and surgery rehabilitation, prehabilitation, and athletic performance.

Be the change you want to see they say, which is exactly what we are doing with [P]Rehab — taking matters in our own hands. Actually, we are putting them where they really belong: YOUR hands.

[P]rehab is a GAME CHANGER


Drew Marcos

Drew Marcos
Physical Therapist, Founder of MOTUS

"These “Guys” have helped to positively impact the public perception of physical therapy. They have created a movement in physical therapy that allows the general public to take hold of their own bodies and be proactive about training and rehabilitation. They have great insight to the knowledge needed to recover and prevent injuries. I am excited about the future with the [P]REHAB guys around our profession to help spread education and technique to the public."

Dr. Nima Mehran

Dr. Nima Mehran
Orthopedic Surgeon

"The prehab guys are taking physical therapy to a whole new level. Their digital platform reaches patients all over the world. They provide well researched, well organized material. They genuinely care about your progress and spend endless hours working to improve their craft. Most importantly, they are humble and understand medicine is evolving and work diligently to keep up."

Chad Waterbury

Chad Waterbury
PT, DPT, MS, Teacher at USC

"The Prehab Guys have created a novel approach for educating the public about the benefits of physical therapy. Having known these terrific guys for years, they definitely possess the spirit, integrity and determination to take the physical therapy industry to the next level. Whether you’re a trainer, health-care professional or weekend warrior, your body and skill set will greatly benefit from their information."

Catherine M.

Catherine M.
Princeton University

"My athletes and patients respond very well to the [P]REHAB video demonstration and explanation. They consistently tell me that they love the look and clarity of the content. Since I work mainly with the athletic population, having a program that provides challenging exercises is crucial to their safe return to sport. I have also found that this website is a great teaching tool! My PT and AT students are able to look through the exercise library and create their own rehab plans for us to go over and discuss. I have had many students request to do this as they find it very fun."

Ous Mellouli

Ous Mellouli
Gold Medal Olympian

"As an Olympic caliber swimmer, I have dealt with many shoulder injuries. At the time of writing this, I am using The Prehab Guys' Shoulder program to rehab and strengthen my shoulders as I train for my 6th consecutive Olympic appearance in Tokyo. The wealth of information in the program can be intimidating at first, but, if you stick to the plan, results will follow! With the minimal equipment I have at home and some I ordered online, I can do everything from the comfort of my home. It is a great deal and I recommend it to anybody dealing with shoulder injuries."

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