6 Most Popular Episodes of 2018

Thank you to all the support you guys have given us in 2018. We have been hard at work with extremely exciting projects going live this upcoming year! Stay tuned. This article showcase the 6 most popular Episodes of 2018.

Serratus Anterior

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For Exercise 1️⃣
✅Lay on your back with a thera-band wrapped around your back
✅Keeping your elbows straight and reach overhead, focus on the extra scapula pushout when you are overhead, this will help with Serratus Anterior Activation!
✅Notice how the theraband is pulling across, this will help with rotator cuff and serratus anterior activation, and minimize the Pec muscles from doing the work.

For exercise 2️⃣
✅Focus on a hip hinge while you are standing
✅Raise your arms overhead
✅Notice how I rotate my shoulder EXTERNALLY, but pointing my thumbs towards the ceiling? This is very subtle but can make all the difference in recruiting 👆Serratus Anterior and 👇Pec

📝 With both of these exercise do NOT arch the low back. One can make this more functional by elevating the shoulders in the scapular plane of movement, by horizontally abducting your shoulders 30 degrees.

Hip Prep for Glute Activation

I like these 6 exercises in particular for a variety of reasons.
✅They challenge the glutes in all 3 planes of motion.
✅They hit all types of muscle contractions: isometric, concentric, and eccentric
✅They are performed upright in a functional position
✅There is a variety of double leg, single leg, and split stance variations
✅They train proper lower extremity alignment in a variety of hip and trunk flexed/neutral/extended positions .

The 6 exercises are:
1️⃣3 way clams: 5 per leg per position
2️⃣Side steps: Alternating steps to the left and right starting with 1 step all the way to 5 steps 3️⃣Monster Walks: 10 steps forward, 10 steps backwards
4️⃣W’s: 10 steps to the left, 10 steps to the right
5️⃣Squats: 10 squats
6️⃣Single leg firehydrants: 30s per side

Foolproof Single Leg Strengthening Exercises

Single leg strength is functional 😵😶 “did he just say the F word⁉️”, yes I did💯‼️ But seriously, building single leg strength is so important‼️

Having similar side-to-side single leg strength provides A LOT of benefits including ⤵️
⚫️ Movement variability
⚫️ Makes activities of daily living easier
⚫️ Performance benefits
⚫️ Decreased risk of injury benefits
⚫️ Sports benefits

Exercises for Cranky Shoulders

Here are some of my go to exercises for active individuals that are dealing with some painful shoulders. If reaching overhead is giving you issues, do a few sets of these exercises pain-free and try reaching overhead again 🙌🏻

World’s Greatest Stretch

1️⃣ Double Hip opener: try to keep your back leg as straight (extended) as possible to stretch the hip flexors. For the front hip, really drive your elbow down to open up the hips into flexion as much as possible.
2️⃣ Thoracic spine rotation via the shoulder: you should be ACTIVE throughout each movement and thoracic spine rotation is no different. Build tension in the shoulder girdle and use your down arm to protract your scapula and rotate your torso towards the front leg.
3️⃣ Hamstring stretch: nothing fancy here. Try and keep your knee as straight as possible. If it’s tight like mine, you won’t be going anywhere.
4️⃣ Hip flexor stretch: Reach up as HIGH as you can, in addition to side-bending away from the leg that is to be stretched. Lunging in to the front leg will assure that your pelvis is locked-out and you are avoiding compensation from your low back.
Repeat for 5 repetitions on each side and see how you feel after.

No Equipment Workouts

Want to check out our entire exercise library? Click HERE

🤔When it came to designing this workout, these are the things I wanted to keep in mind:

➡️Full body movements. Without the ability to add external load/weights, I wanted to program as many full body movements as possible – body weight is the heaviest thing I had going for me!
➡️Explosive movements. For times sake, you will get more out of 20s of high intensity work than you will out of 40s of low intensity work.
➡️Movements I’m not accustomed to. I love pumping iron and being under the barbell. None of these exercises are part of my normal programming and this workout provided a good opportunity to add some variability to my routine.

😃I felt GREAT after this workout. Was it the specific exercises that made me feel good? Or was it just the fact that I was MOVING? Probably the latter. When it comes to designing your own workouts. Don’t overthink it. Choose a few overarching principles for the workout and then go from there.

🤷‍♂️And while it may look like a lot of thought needs to go into “successful” programming, that’s not exactly the case. Know that moving without intent is better than not moving at all (sure, moving with intent is even better!)


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