TENS for pain management

TENS (Electrical Stimulation) For Pain Management

 More than likely, the electrical stimulation you’ve witnessed on TV or in the physical therapy office is called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, for short. TENS is most commonly used to treat acute musculoskeletal pain. TENS works by basically tricking your brain into perceiving less pain through a mechanism called the “gate control theory”.


cervicothoracic junction manipulation photo

Cervicothoracic Junction Manipulation For Treating Shoulder Pain

Did you know that treating the cervical and thoracic spine regions can help alleviate your shoulder pain?

It’s well documented within the literature that treating areas AWAY FROM THE REGION OF PAIN can indeed help alleviate symptoms in that area – ie REGIONAL INTERDEPENDENCE.


deep cervical extensors training

Training the Deep Cervical Extensors

Don’t Forget About Training The Deep Cervical Extensors!

Mike is currently in China learning from the godfather of the Clinical Practice Guidelines himself, Dr. Joe Godges. Here a great exercise for your patients with neck pain, especially those with whiplash induced neck pain, that targets not just the deep cervical flexors, but also the deep cervical extensors! Pay close attention to the cueing, as activation of the deep cervical extensors should be emphasized at selected spinal levels for the management of segmental dysfunction. […]